Compassionate care for the dying, the dead and the bereaved

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Honouring Life's Final Passage


Institutionalised control of dying, death and funerals has stripped us of our power to care for our loved ones at the end of life.


But it doesn't need to be like this; there is another way.


Individuals, families and communities are reclaiming the right to care for those they love as they pass from life to death.  We do not have to abandon our dead to the hands of strangers.  We can use the centuries old techniques to honour the transition from life into death, to become empowered to really be there for someone when this life ends.


The death of a loved one inevitably brings grief for our loss and calls us to face our own mortality.  Many of us wish to prepare for a good death whether in hospital, a nursing facility or in our own homes.  And many of us wish to reclaim the beauty, peace and healing of caring for the dying and the dead, both for ourselves and for those we love.


Kristoffer Hughes has worked as a death and bereavement professional for over 25 years and on this course he teaches the powerful, traditional and honourable skills of midwifing the dying and caring for the dead and bereaved, enabling and empowering us to care for the dying and to serve the dead.


He shares his experience of healing for the bereaved and teaches us how to face the fear of our own death...

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