Compassionate care for the dying, the dead and the bereaved

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    Death Midwifery Intensive Weekend Course

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* The function of death midwifery the Amicus Mortis and the role of the Doula.


* The exploration of philosophical questions about death, what          it means to die.


* How to work alongside medical professionals and funeral directors to create a sacred space prior to and after death.


* Exploration of the art and role of the celebrant.


* To understand the function of grief.


* How to develop active listening and compassion skills for the dying and the bereaved.


* How art and creativity can help create meaningful ceremonies.


* The function of funerals and mortuary rituals.


* Choices such as alternative funerals, green burials and coffins.


* How to care for the body after death.

* Practical techniques for safe lifting, bathing, blessing, anointing and dressing your beloved dead.


* Alternative forms of refrigeration and keeping the body cold.


* Dealing with traumatic death injuries, contagious diseases and other health risks.


* The legal paperwork required, plus other legal requirements to safeguard both the dead and public health.


* The role of the Coroner and Registrar.


* Envisioning our own death and facing our fears.


* How to deal and reconcile with tragic and or sudden deaths.


* Reconciling with murder and suicide.

Courses cover the following - 

Glastonbury, Somerset,

Isle of Avalon Foundation




2 day intensive - including all course materials, certificate, beverages and snacks.

Limited spaces.

£150 per person